When Zandar was a child, he and his friends played a game involving balls made of straw 
 that they would throw at each other. They would split into three to four teams-usually  
seventeen or eighteen people per team.


Each team would run to the center of the playing field where there would be a pile of straw balls. The teams would grab as many balls as they could carry and run back to their base. They would deposit their balls here and the best thrower on the team would aim and throw the balls at other players on other teams. When you were hit with a ball you were considered "out" and had to go to a specified "prison". The only way to get out of the "prison" was to pick up a ball that rolled into the prison and to throw it and have another player on your team catch it.

Zandar was an exceptional thrower and was almost always picked to throw on his team. 
 Zandar had one of the balls painted red with blood from the first wolf he killed. He  
called it the Red Ball and always preferred to us it over others. 
After Zandar's tribe had been destroyed and Zandar got the powers of a god, the Red 
 Ball was lost. The ball was probably burned in one of the many fires in the village. Later, 
 Zandar decided to create a brand new Red Ball, this one with magical properties. This new  
Red Ball cannot miss, will fly true, and will never let you lose a match in any type of  
game you use it in. Zandar has released this ball to the world and the Zandali are on the 
hunt for it.

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