Schtevun the Mortified is a hellish, demon god that is intent on driving Zandar's people out of Dakarii. Schtevun is Zandar's cousin and is very jealous of all that Zandar has. Zandar has so far been successful in keeping Schtevun the Mortified's soldiers out of Dakarii but who knows what could happen if Zandar failed.

Schtevun's actual history is completely unknown. Some say he acquired his god-like powers even before Zandar and that he was one that murdered everyone in Zandar's village. Some say that he was created by Zandar for an unsaid reason. Whatever his origin is, not even any Schtevunites would know.

Some claim that it was Schtevun's idea to awaken the shadows so they could take over Dakarii for him. It seems as though the shadows turned on him in the end because he hasn't been seen since they were awakened.

Schtevun's powers can make people do things that they wouldn't normally do. Schtevun the Mortified can make people perform unpleasnt or illegal tasks. After he is done with them he will throw them away and they are forever with these ailments:

- violent behavior

- insanity

Many inhabitants of Dakarii have become subject to his maddening presence. He would dwell in their heads and slowly eat them away from their mind. Due to the destruction of so many Dakarii minds, Schtevun has acquired vast knowledge and plans to use it to utterly destroy his cousin.

Some claim to have seen Schtevun lately. He has been dressed as a peasant and has been traveling cross-country across Dakarii. He has been stopped by Zandali

more than once but he seemed to have lossed his mind and his powers. He doesn't know where he is and doesn't seem to be a threat. He was still being kept under survailance

in case of violent behavior but was lost in the forests to the East. Nobody knows where he is now.

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