The Schtevunites are the native tribe of the island Zakara. The Schtevunites are warlords of the sea. Because they live on an island, they must use ships to go to the mainland. They are expert pillagers and are obsessed with anything shiny. The Schtevunites worship the god demon Schtevun, hence the name "Schtevunite".


The Gorash- Gorash are a bear-like creature that contain shock like powers that they can release to paralyze. One Gorash can paralyze up to three humans at one time.

The Rotten Ones- The Rotten Ones were once normal people. Schtevun took over their minds and forced them to sacrifice themselves to him. This turns them into undead. Fortunately for most, only eight Rotten Ones can exist at once for they overset the balance of nature. Rotten Ones are immune to normal weapons. They can only be killed by the hand of a God.

Humans that worship Schtevun the Mortified are also called Schtevunites.

Unfortunately, the history of Stevun the Mortified is unknown, even to Schtevunites. It is unknown why they worship a god that they have no clue where he came from. What is

known, is that the Schtevunites worship Schtevun to a shocking level. They make at least eight sacrifices to him a day and sometimes these sacrifices are children. The Schtevunites are willing to destroy anything, anyone, anywhere, for Schtevun.

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