The Three Faced Man, or Three-Face as he is usually called, is one of the more deadly
 Schtevunites to have ever walked the earth. His name wasn't always Three-Face. He was 
once a normal man who had a normal life, or as normal a life that a Schtevunite can have. 
Unfortunately, on the third day of the third month, there was a fire in his village. 
The Three Faced Man escaped with his life but most were not so lucky. Three-Face is now 
deformed, one side of his face being normal, one side being burned, and from his teeth down 
is only bone. Three-Face is committed to wiping out the human race. Once he wipes out 
every single human, he plans to kill himself, thus ridding all the pain and torture 
bringing people. He does not care about the nice, thoughtful Zandali or the harmless 
nomads. He cares only about his pain and his mission to destroy everyone. He should not 
be underestimated my anyone, even the Hero. It is said that the Hero must fight and kill 
The Three Faced Man to complete his destiny.

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