Zandar is a god worshiped by the Zandali. In Zandish, Zandar means "Great God" or "Leader."
 Zandar was from the land of Dakarii which is where his followers now live. Zandar was an 
experienced huntsman when he was younger. He would always hunt for his family so they could
 eat and survive. Zandar also owned a Red Ball when he was younger. He used it in his favorite
One day, Zandar was out hunting when he saw something like nothing he had ever seen before.  
He found, laying in the grass, a glowing orb. He picked it up, and immediately, Zandar felt  
great power growing underneath his skin, knowledge growing in his mind, and the power to  
command, filled his fingers. He ran home to his village to spread the good news of his newly  
acquired gift. When he arrived at his village, he found that all of the tribesmen, his family, 
 and his friends had been brutally murdered. Bodies all over the place, the huts were on fire, 
 and the ground looked like a lake of blood. With this, Zandar swore that he would become a  
god, and help avenge the world of evil. This is the story that the Zandali pass down from  
generation to generation, of how their god came about.
Some believe though, that Zandar is a vile and hellish god and will do nothing about helping 
 the world. This is untrue. Schtevun the Mortified, Zandar's cousin, is a hellish god. Zandar 
 believes that he could be the one who murdered his friends and family.

Zandar has figured out how to bring about a Hero to help the Zandali. The Hero in question was born in the Ackmuck Swamp .

The Hero will help prove Schtevun as guilty and will help destroy the shadows that are plaguing the lands of Dakarii.

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